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t-snapshot-200x80pxSnapshot is SMG Insight / YouGov’s online reporting and analysis tool. Snapshot is highly flexible, user friendly online interface that provides instant access to your consumer data.

In addition to the detailed analysis report provided with our research programmes, Snapshot enables the client to explore the data further using crosstabs and filters at their convenience. Data can be exported in excel format and charts, typically generated in under 5 seconds, can be exported in PowerPoint point ready for presentation.

Snapshot allows you to:

  • Cross tab between questions to produce the exact information you seek
  • Swap axis between primary and secondary cross tab questions to provide additional insight
  • Filter by gender, age, region, and household income to data mine further
  • Export all data into excel for further analysis
  • Display all enquiries in a range of graphic styles
  • Create bespoke presentations in minutes by exporting any number of charts into PowerPoint