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2018 SportsIndex Buzz Annual Report

Every year, sport throws up the unexpected – from breakthrough stars, through dramatic events and matches, to scandal. And every day, we at SMG Insight measure the effect those factors have on the public’s perception of our best known sports properties. We are pleased to share with you a slice of this data, drawn from our SportsIndex UK database.

Special Report | Special Relationship, US and UK Sport

In this report we examine the progress of NFL and soccer in both the US and the UK, looking at whether the ‘Special Relationship’ between the two countries extends to these sports and how fans in America and the UK are different – and similar.

Special Report | 30-Love, 40-Like? A Look at Age and the UK Tennis Market

With the grass-court season now upon us, we’ve been examining the audience demographic of two of the UK’s most iconic tournaments – The Championships at Wimbledon and The Aegon Championships at Queen’s – unearthing some intriguing findings on how Buzz, Consideration and sponsor brand impact differ across the tennis fan base. The latest in our series of Special Reports.

Special Report | Sportswear Challengers Under Armour and New Balance

Ask anyone above the age of 40 and they’ll tell you New Balance is nothing more than a cool running brand. But according to our BrandIndex research, it is making great headway in places like the UK thanks to its ever-increasing exposure in the Premier League. Read our full report on how challenger brands Under Armour and New Balance are giving the likes of Nike and adidas a run for their money.

Sports MENA Research

SPORTS RESEARCH SPORTS MENA: CONSUMER CLOSE-UP 2016 ‘Sports MENA: Consumer Close-Up 2016’, the latest in SMG Insight's geographical sports market research series and the company’s second report covering the Middle East and North Africa.  Surveying a representative sample of over 100,000 respondents across 13 countries, ‘Sports MENA’’s detailed insight and analysis reveal the sporting habits and interests of the region’s population*, focussing on following, participation, interest, live event attendance and media used to follow sport. MENA is a [...]

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