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26 March 2012 
India 2012: The Sports Industry’s Emerging Opportunities
India is arguably the biggest sports market in the world with a 1.2 billion population and a long established sports culture founded on its love of cricket. While cricket’s leading position has been solidified in recent years with the astonishing success of the Indian Premier League (IPL), events such as the 2010 Commonwealth Games and inaugural Indian Formula One Grand Prix in 2011 have put the country on the business of sports world stage.

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7 September 2011
London & Partners extend strategic network in bid to stay the world’s best number 1 major event destination
The Major Events team at London & Partners, the Mayor of London’s official promotional agency for the capital, has today announced three new Strategic Partners. G4S, Icon and SMG Insight, in partnership with YouGov will all have the opportunity to advise on the events strategy for the city in the lead up to, and long after, the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games, working closely with the Major Events team who are responsible for developing and attracting major sporting and cultural events to the capital.

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9 August 2011
A comprehensive guide into sports in the Middle East and North Africa 2011
YouGov/SMG Insight is pleased to announce that you can now pre-order the ‘Popularity and Participation of Sports in the Middle East and North Africa 2011’ report free of charge. The report reveals the sporting habits across 16 countries, providing ground breaking strategic information on fast emerging area.

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13 June 2011
FIFA’s Public Perception Fails to Improve
SportsIndex research shows that the public’s perception of FIFA fails to improve as Corporate Reputation and Buzz scores continue to drop. The public’s negative reaction to the FIFA scandal, which first emerged May 10, has seen no improvement as perception scores for the FIFA World Cup 2014 brand continue to drop.

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31 May 2011
FIFA’s Brand Health Damaged After Allegations
Early indications from YouGov/SMG Insight SportsIndex suggest that FIFA’s brand health may be a long way from recovery as brand perception scores for the sporting body have dropped dramatically after bribery allegations emerged in the press recently.

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11 April 2011
Popularly Followed Sports in the Middle East and North Africa
YouGov Siraj/ SMG Insight interviewed respondents from 17 countries in the Middle East and North Africa including Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Syria and the United Arab Emirates. Respondents were asked to choose their favourite sport to watch on TV, participate in personally and sporting events they followed on a regular basis.

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23 August 2010
Premium League Out of Home Viewing Attracts Key Audience
New research from YouGov / SMG Insight reveals that over a third of British adults aged 18-34 who are planning to watch Premier League football on TV this season will do so outside of their own home. The research is the first of a series of studies aimed at understanding the out-of-home viewing audience amongst sports fans.

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22 July 2010
YouGov Enters Strategic Alliance with Specialist Sports Marketing Consultancy SMG Insight
YouGov, the international market research company, are pleased to announce it is teaming up with SMG Insight, a specialised sports marketing consultancy that will deliver higher value added services required within the global sports marketing industry.

220710 | YouGov enters strategic alliance with SMG Insight