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CASE STUDY | Consultancy ABU DHABI SPORTS COUNCIL IN-DEPTH STUDY ACROSS 29 ADSC-HOSTED EVENTS THE REQUIREMENT As part of its Emirates-wide sporting calendar, the Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) hosts a series of international world-class events including the F1 Etihad Airways Grand Prix, the Mubadala Tennis World Championship and the Red Bull Air Race. In order to understand and quantify the media footprint created through its event staging programme, the ADSC required a key sports media valuation, involving the collection and analysis of global media coverage and exposure data, with focus on core markets. Adding a further layer of insight, an assessment of the economic benefits to the region was incorporated into the brief. [...]


CASE STUDY ATP, ASSOCIATION OF TENNIS PROFESSIONALS MEDIA ANALYSIS THE REQUIREMENT The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), the governing body of male professional tennis, contracted SMG Insight to provide global media exposure and advertising value equivalencies (AVE) for the ATP World Tour Finals and all tournaments in the three major ATP World Tour series – 1000, 500 and 250 – over 60 events per year. The ATP needed a user-friendly report format that summarised the core information and gave them access to a wide range of further data. THE SOLUTION SMG Insight coordinated with the ATP to design a bespoke report which comprised all the core data requested. Timelines were paramount with all reports delivered to the ATP and the [...]


CASE STUDY BMW PARTNER EXPOSURE / MEDIA VALUES THE REQUIREMENT An assessment of the potential exposure and media value likely to be delivered by various locations and certain team assets within Formula E. In addition, a full study into the profile of Formula E followers internationally. THE SOLUTION An evaluation of global media audiences for Formula E races across season 1 and 2 alongside a full monitoring of car, pit and driver sponsor exposure by locations for each race. Online press and TV News coverage was assessed alongside all race, qualifying, highlights and magazine footage on TV and digital channels. All data was provided by country by race for every location and [...]


CASE STUDY BSKYB RIGHTS VALUATION THE REQUIREMENT Assess the attitude to various clothing brands amongst golf, football and F1 followers and Sky viewers in UK, Germany and Italy with a view to discovering the most appropriate brands to approach regarding a potential commercial agreement with different Sky platforms and properties. Alongside this measure the scale of the opportunity with regard to how much on-screen time might be possible on different types of broadcasts. THE SOLUTION A bespoke online survey to a nationally representative sample of 2000 in each market. Within these 2000 there were quotas of fans of different types of sports and of Sky Sports viewers. Within this questionnaire we discovered: [...]


CASE STUDY FORMULA E REVENUE OPTIMISATION THE REQUIREMENT Formula E, the new FIA championship featuring cars powered exclusively by electric energy, required an in-depth understanding of: the championship’s potential global media reach; consumer appeal of the Formula E brand; a detailed valuation of the sponsorship property rights concerned. THE SOLUTION SMG Insight provided an independent, research-based market assessment including: a world-wide media distribution benchmark study; comprehensive analysis of the potential market size for Formula E; a thorough audit of the composition of the sponsorship rights package. Central to the research were the 10 unique, iconic landmark settings of the Formula E host cities – including Beijing, Buenos Aires, Miami and Monte Carlo – each strategically using the sport as a global reputation enhancement [...]


CASE STUDY ICC, INTERNATIONAL CRICKET COUNCIL PARTNER RIGHTS VALUATION THE REQUIREMENT In order to optimise sponsorship value and refine its offer to commercial partners, the ICC required an independent market valuation of its proposed package of rights. This research was particularly pertinent to the ICC unique ‘Global Partner’ status offering, an opportunity for partner companies to enter into an extensive package of rights for an eight year period. THE SOLUTION SMG Insight were commissioned to undertake a series of global partnership valuations, forming the basis of the research report for the ICC, which would aim to: provide a financial range of values associated with various ICC partnership benefit tiers; identify and incorporate values [...]


CASE STUDY ICC, INTERNATIONAL CRICKET COUNCIL MONETISATION OF DIGITAL RIGHTS THE REQUIREMENT ICC, the international governing body for cricket, required a detailed, independent assessment of potential opportunities for monetisation of digital rights to ‘near live’ content of its tournaments, as well as the likelihood of success of such a venture. With its proven track record in delivering pioneering research programmes to a range of major sports stakeholders, SMG Insight was ideally placed to deliver the in-depth research and analysis required. THE SOLUTION The approach taken encompassed four principal stages, each examining a major factor in evaluating the potential for ICC digital rights monetisation: Assessment of the current media landscape and key markets: Utilising [...]


CASE STUDY MLB, MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL MARKET INSIGHTS THE REQUIREMENT To understand the scope and opportunities for international growth by looking at the size, avidity and profile of baseball and MLB following. To segment this profile and assess the different levels of opportunity for those interested in baseball/MLB as a sport and those that engage with MLB as a lifestyle/apparel provider so that appropriate budgets and future plans can be developed. THE SOLUTION A bespoke survey to a nationally representative sample of 2,000 in 8 countries across all Continents (outside North America), identified to be the most “typical” and hold the most opportunity internationally for MLB. We looked to: Evaluate the market [...]


CASE STUDY WTA, WOMEN'S TENNIS ASSOCIATION SPONSORSHIP EVALUATION THE REQUIREMENT The Women’s Tennis Association is the global leader in women’s professional sport, running 52 events and 4 Grand Slam tournaments each year, attracting over 5 million attendee spectators and millions more via TV and online channels.  In order to gain an in-depth understanding of the media value of its current client sponsorship packages and ultimately to optimise these, the WTA required an extensive, worldwide media evaluation of its annual events calendar. THE SOLUTION SMG Insight utilised its state of the art media valuation service to deliver, with the required speed and efficiency, a credible and robust research project for the WTA.  Three principal areas of evaluation were covered: an audit [...]