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Special Report | 30-Love, 40-Like? A Look at Age and the UK Tennis Market

With the grass-court season now upon us, we’ve been examining the audience demographic of two of the UK’s most iconic tournaments – The Championships at Wimbledon and The Aegon Championships at Queen’s – unearthing some intriguing findings on how Buzz, Consideration and sponsor brand impact differ across the tennis fan base. The latest in our series of Special Reports.

NBA Brand Health Recap: The Implications of ‘Resting and Tanking’ on Sponsorship Values

BLOG | by Lance Fraenkel ... Key research highlights the latest NBA Buzz (recent brand sentiment) and Recommendation levels (loyalty) in perspective of three previous NBA seasons. Using a number of research analytics including SMG Insight/YouGov's daily tracking service, BrandIndex; proprietary image monitoring technology and audience data for sponsorship valuations; and through examination of long-term NBA trends, we can see significant brand perception declines around this seasons ‘resting and tanking’ issues (March-April 2017) and increased volatility in NBA perception around the playoffs.

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Wimbledon’s Unique Selling Point – Its Spectators

BLOG | by Bruce Cook ... The experience of attending the Championships, Wimbledon, is altogether pretty singular. Whether it’s the old London double decker to the grounds or the taxi convivially shared with strangers; the purple petunias decorating the walkways; or the sound of a jazz quartet syncopating with the clink of fizz glasses, Wimbledon is no ordinary sports event.

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What happens when you move your sports event off free-to-air TV?

BLOG | by Frank Saez ... The end of the football season in Europe brings with it a host of key games – from play-off and cup finals, to league fixtures which determine promotion, relegation or simply a few million in TV money. Yet despite the competition, UEFA’s Champions League remains the blue riband event of the season. Following the Champions League’s departure from UK free-to-air screens in 2015, many people have been wondering whether fans’ perceptions of the competition have changed.

Appointment of US Vice President

SMG INSIGHT NEWS Appointment of US Vice President, Lance Fraenkel SMG Insight’s global expansion continues with appointment of US Vice President SMG Insight, the sports and sponsorship specialist arm of YouGov, today announces that Lance Fraenkel will join the business as Vice President, North America.  Fraenkel was formerly Head of Client Service for YouGov’s combined US BrandIndex / Profiles business where he led cross-functional teams in achieving multi-million dollar revenue through market research consultancy with clients [...]

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SportsIndex Annual Reports | 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017

SMG Insight reveals the winners, the losers, the movers and improvers amongst 60 major sports events in the fourth annual report of its SportsIndex series. Providing individual event rankings, year-on-year performance comparisons and analysis by sporting category, the report showcases just some of the capabilities of SportsIndex, the first and only syndicated product to measure the UK general public’s perception of 60 leading domestic and international sports events on a daily basis.

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What do UK fans of US sport look like?

BLOG | by Charlie Dundas I don’t need to tell anyone that the NFL and the NBA, America’s two most popular sports leagues, have global aspirations – it’s been a big industry focus and is particularly exciting for anyone based in an international hotspot like London, where regular season games have been a fixture for a number of years now. But what’s interesting to me is the different approaches to growing the game the two have taken.

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Data Says More to Super Bowl Ad Game Than Getting a Laugh

BLOG | by Bruce Cook Nearly a decade ago, a boss first asked me the ‘so what?’question. “Millions watch the games and thousands attend our events, so what?” he said. “What is it doing for the business?”… or the brand? That was all about the RBS 6 Nations. Rugby’s Greatest Championship kicks off tomorrow, but what’s on my mind today is Sunday’s NFL showcase event. Super Bowl LI (51) is now just a couple days away and I love the unmatched hype and the unbelievable production of the game and the half-time show. Gaga is sure to put on a performance worthy of her name.

While Falcons fans believe in angels, Patriots fans side with the aliens

BLOG | by Tracy Schoenadel It's almost that time of year again. This Sunday, the New England Patriots will meet the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. While the Falcons are hoping to win their first championship in franchise history, the Patriots, who've dominated the league for over a decade now, are aiming for their fifth. But that's what makes the teams different. What about their fans? A new infographic from YouGov helps illustrate the many differences and similarities between the two groups.

Forget China, Snooker’s future could be in India

BLOG | by Joseph Eapen The Masters, snooker’s most prestigious invitation tournament, reached its climax on Sunday at London’s Alexandra Palace when Ronnie O'Sullivan beat Joe Perry to record his seventh title. The UK is accepted by most as the birthplace of the world’s leading cue sport, so it’s maybe no surprise that two Englishman made the 2017 final. But what many don’t know is snooker’s roots actually first sprouted a century-and-a-half ago in a British Army officers' mess in the city of Jabalpur, around 450 miles south-east of Indian capital Delhi.

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